Like the first volume of Kristina, Queen of Vampires, this is an erotic graphic novel from Dutch author Frank Mensink. Volume 2 picks up more than a year after Volume 1; Kristina, a medieval vampire who was accidentally resuscitated in the modern age, is just waking up from a long period of regeneration after her ill-fated encounter with police investigators Mark and Iris. (That's what you get for coming between a woman and her man, honey.)

She quickly goes back to her kinder, gentler feeding routine -- she only goes after criminals, particularly murderers and rapists, figuring that nobody will care if they're gone. She also rekindles her charmingly affectionate affair with John and Veronica, the two humans whom she took as thralls in Volume 1. Things take a bit of a different turn, however, when she is approached by the leader of a large nest of vampires who want her to be their queen. It seems that they don't make vamps like they used to, and Kristina has the mystic mojo necessary to be the most powerful vamp around.

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